You've experienced the thrill of finding the perfect program or product name in a "lightbulb" moment...

Now it's Time to Secure Your Rights to the Name Against Copycats and Infringers with a Registered Trademark!

Get Started Easily and Affordably with 
One Done-With-You Package
that Gives You the
Legal Guidance You Need... Without Spending Thousands on a Lawyer!

Hey There, Fellow Business Owner:

We all know that great names are getting harder to find!

If you're like me, you've experienced the flash of inspiration that had you running to your favorite domain purchasing site, checking for available social media handles, and, well, doing the happy dance that you finally landed on the name that perfectly captures what you do.

But did you know that securing the domains and social handles - while great *practical* protection from someone who comes along later who wants to use the name - doesn't really provide any legal protection against their use?

Yes - if you want to be sure that you have exclusive rights to use the name in the industry, you've got to do more.

But there's the thing. Trademark registration (the "more" I refer to above) is not a DIY process anymore (if it ever was). Your chances of success in getting that coveted (R) are low without strong legal guidance in preparing and submitting your application.

Because of that, many law firms are charging $3,000 and more for this help, and that's not super realistic (or necessary) for most coaches I know.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have services that charge a few hundred dollars to use their slick trademark application website, but in reality, there is little actual legal guidance beyond what the trademark office offers for free. In other words - it's a waste of your money.

I have such high demand for my own trademark service that I decided something had to be done to bridge the gap and let me serve more of you at once.

That's how Trademark Assist was born!

Read on for this one-of-a-kind program where you'll work with me to get your trademark ready to go! 

You asked for affordable, easy-to-implement legal guidance to register your own trademark, and I'm delivering!

I’m Valerie Del Grosso… and in my 14+ years as a practicing attorney, I’ve worked with a LOT of business owners (after all, that’s my passion)! 

I’ve also personally hired several coaches over the past few years… and they’ve made a tremendous difference in nearly every aspect of my life. I’m a true believer in the power of coaching… and I wanted to find a way to make it easier for honest, empathetic, hard-working coaches like you to shield yourselves against frustrating, costly legal problems... from Day 1, without a big budget.

I have heard again and again from coaches that they just want to do business the right way, but they don't know what they don't know. 

Nowhere is this more clear than trademark registration. You see, you want to have a legally strong name that you can become known for, and be sure that no one else rides your coattails by using the same or similar name after you.

But how do you stop them, when trademark registration is a complicated and expensive process that leaves you feeling in the dark?

I'm here today with answers, so you can have the peace of mind that your most important business names can't be used by others, and you can build the brand recognition you deserve. 

I’ve seen first-hand how devastating it can be to find out that someone else is using your program names - whether they are doing it innocently or now - and then there's little I can do to help the coach because they don't have a registered trademark to stop others in their tracks. 

So today, I’d like to introduce you to a simple solution that so many of you have asked for, and that I know you’re really going to love:
Trademark Assist with Your Lawyer Friend
At the end of this program, your most important program and product names will be ready for submission to the trademark office, with the highest chance of a successful registration! 
I’ve taken my years of experience working with coaches and other business owners like you to get their trademarks registered, and poured it into this done-with-you, live coaching experience that covers exactly what you need to be sure your trademark application is positioned for a successful registration. 

Each of the modules is built around strategies that have been tried and tested – this isn't general information available anywhere online for and repackaged in a slick - but useless- way. 


Let's get down to business, together! Here's how it works:
Watch Six Pre-Recorded Modules at Your Convenience (details below)
Get instant access to six recorded video modules in the Facebook group to watch at your convenience. 
Complete the steps at the end of the video to build your best trademark strategy easily and understandably. We'll cover:
What makes a great name from a legal and marketing standpoint

What names make sense to protect in the first place, which names have the opposite intended effect when you try to protect them, and which are just a waste of time and money to pursue


How to know if you can own the name (hint: you have to be first *and* the name has to be distinctive)


Choosing the best categories to register in so you can get the most protection against later users (this is an art and a science!)


The nitty gritty details of preparing your application for greatest success


Securing practical protections to deter infringers while you wait for your application to process

Thirty Days of Live Coaching inside a Trademark Assist Clients Only Facebook Group: 

We get started on the day after you purchase. You will be assigned your own thread in the Facebook group that identifies your thirty day window. 

Do the work in the training and come into your personal thread in the clients only Facebook group to show me your work and get specific feedback. 

You'll get lifetime access to the trainings so you can register marks in the future, too!

PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional cost. 

For each name you register, you will have a filing fee payable directly to the trademark office in the amount of $250.


If you wish to register your name in multiple categories, you will have a filing fee for each additional category. (Generally, my clients only have one filing fee, and rarely, two).

PLUS… I’ve got BONUSES for you, too!

In addition to the live coaching and the trademark specific training above, you'll also get these bonuses (delivered August 31st for the first found, and instant access thereafter): 

Conducting Future Trademark Searches training
Trademark Timeline training (including renewals)
Trademark cease and desist letter so you can address infringers without a costly lawyer
If you submit your trademark application to the USPTO before the end of the coaching portion of the program, you will also receive one, one-on-one consultation with Valerie in the event you receive an "office action" from the trademark office for your application. [Up to one application].
What else do I need to know before joining?
Great question! I know that there are quite a few attorneys options to register trademarks out there, so I want to clarify a few things about this program for you. 
1. I will not be your attorney on the trademark application. This is a done-with-you, unbundled service in which I provide feedback and guidance, but not formal legal representation.

2. The trademark application process takes a long time. It can take more than six months after submitting your application to hear back from the trademark office. This is normal. However, I want to be sure that you understand that submitting the application is not an immediate registration.

3. You may require additional legal services or have to make additional legal arguments in the future. The trademark office may ask for additional information or legal arguments. So long as you submit your application before the program is over, I will provide a complimentary consultation to you if that occurs. Legal drafting or other services carry an additional fee (usually $500 to $1,000).

4. I can't guarantee that your application will be approved. As much as I would love a crystal ball and the power to control outcomes... I don't have it. There are other humans involved in the trademark process, and they will have their own opinions. This program is about setting you up for the highest likelihood of success, but the future is unknown.

5. Once your mark is registered, you have additional obligations. You have to monitor your mark for later users who are trying to get in on your goodness. There are no "trademark police," except for you! I'll show you how to do the monitoring inside the program.

6. You may discover early on in the program that you are using a name that (i) is owned by someone else or (ii) that is not protectible. This isn't the best news, I know, but it is good news because you can change course ASAP.  However, this is not grounds for a refund.

Most attorneys charge $350 or more per hour (if you can get them on the phone in the first place) and few are willing to consult without a big retainer covering dozens of hours of work.

Trademark Assist is unlike anything out there. You get the knowledge you need (and nothing you don't!) to get your own trademark applications on file, PLUS direct access to me in the Facebook group for realtime feedback, without a big retainer.

You get lifetime access to the recordings so you can register marks in the future, too.


One-time investment

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