You’ve mastered the principles of your niche and you’re finally ready to create the course that your audience needs...
so you can build an evergreen, scalable offer in your business that earns revenue while you sleep.
Launch Your Course *Today* with One Plug and Play Package with the Agreements and Training You Need to Market Online and Charge for your Course... without worrying about chargebacks and content thieves.


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The good news and the bad news:

A course is typically the lowest priced item in your ascension model. BUT it is key to scaling a coaching business with impact that can outlive you.

Most "gurus" teach successful coaches that they must "leverage" to keep growing: giving the illusion of a high touch experience to justify high pricing in huge group programs.

The result? A lukewarm experience for your clients, many of whom won't get any results at all.

But you can start now, thinking about the impact you want to have and the legacy you want to leave as a coach... and it just so happens, this allows you to take another road to growth. 

By building a course (that sells while you sleep), you also document the methods that work to get your clients results. In the future, this course is the basis for your own highly lucrative certification program, where you train a group of peers to deliver you work to the world in a fresh, exciting way. 

Having an asset – your course – that creates income security and expert status is the cure for the uncertainty we face, while ensuring that you can scale in a fulfilling, results-oriented way in the future.

A course works when you aren’t, so you can bottle your expertise for the masses and save your precious one-on-one time for high ticket clients.

If you’re ready to build an evergreen product, but are also thinking you have tons of other items to worry about as you get started, I’m here for you.

Just the Course Legal Kit is a perfect fit to make your course legal, all while encouraging content thieves and copycats to move right along and wishy washy course junkies to take their chargebacks elsewhere.

You can be ready to launch your course legally ASAP.

Read on…

You asked for affordable, easy-to-implement legal strategies for a new coaching practice, and I'm delivering!

I’m Valerie Del Grosso… and in my 15+ years as a practicing attorney, I’ve worked with a LOT of business owners (after all, that’s my passion)! 

I’ve also personally hired several coaches over the past few years… and they’ve made a tremendous difference in nearly every aspect of my life. I’m a true believer in the power of coaching… and I wanted to find a way to make it easier for honest, empathetic, hard-working coaches like you to shield yourselves against frustrating, costly legal problems... from Day 1, without a big budget.

I have heard again and again from coaches that they just want to do business the right way, but they don't know what they don't know. 

I'm here today with answers, so you have the solid foundation you need to transform the lives of others. Plus you'll have the peace of mind that your legal requirements are met now, so that you don't have to wait until the day your a "clones" your course to figure out whether you're protected.

I’ve seen first-hand how devastating it can be to have a client or customer rip off course content, and the coach has few legal options because they were not set up correctly in the first place. It wreaks emotional and financial havoc that derails you from your purpose.

So today, I’d like to introduce you to a simple solution that literally hundreds of you have asked for, and that I know you’re really going to love:
Just the Course Legal Kit
Proven, professional policy and agreement templates to give you peace of mind and protect your course, so you can start your business *today* on a firm foundation.
I’ve taken my years of experience working with coaches and other business owners like you, and poured it into this set of templates that covers exactly what you need when you launch a course, and nothing you don't.

Each of these templates is built around language that has been tried and tested – these aren’t generic forms created by interns who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. And, because they’re specifically written for coaches, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll protect you and your business!


Most coaches starting out are unsure whether they have legal needs. I like to make legal practical. If you plan to do the following things, you'll need certain documents in place. Ask yourself if you plan to do these things in your new business:
If you plan to market your course from a sales page and order form, then you need:

Privacy Policy ($149 value)

Website Terms and Conditions ($97 value).

These are included!

If you plan to charge for your course, including on a recurring basis, you'll need:
  • Terms of Purchase (a $197 value)
  • Credit Card Authorization (a $49 value)
If you want to ensure that you have maximum protection in the case of a content copycat, you’ll need: 
My DIY copyright registration workshop. This is included! And it is not available anywhere else (even to my highest paying clients).

Plus, you don't have to go it alone.

If you’re stuck for answers (or you just need to hang out with some other super-cool people), you’re gettingaccess to the “Your Lawyer Friend” private Facebook group.

It’s a great place to get answers to any questions you have while working with and implementing your policies and agreements… not to mention a place where you can connect with like-minded coaches and biz owners, give and get motivation and support, and maybe even find a business partner or a referral!
PLUS… I’ve got a BONUS for you, too!
Who doesn't love a bonus? I’m including a BONUS training that I know you'll love. 
Real Life Ways to Protect Your Content (and what the heck that even means) - A conversation with my friend and super coach, Katie Read – In this hour long training, we cover all the types of your work you can protect, how to deal with a worst case scenario, and how to know when "inspiration" crosses the line to "infringement." 

Want to offer these materials to other people for their courses? Don't click the red button! Email valerie for licensing details.

But I don’t just want you to take my word for it.
Let’s take a look at what my clients say…

Amanda Goldman-Petri,
Marketing Coach

"Ever since I hired Valerie, my clients have commented on how fun it is to read my agreements. That of course means more of my prospective clients are choosing to sign their agreements and committing to work with me. This means more guaranteed income. People always think legal is about protecting your business, but in my experience it also increases your bottom line when done properly!"

Barbera Spanjers,
Health Coach

"Valerie is a legal rockstar who helped me put all of the pieces in place for my online business. She totally gets the unique needs of virtual entrepreneurs, and makes the whole process easy. As a non-lawyer, I didn't know where to start to protect my business. And with other lawyers, I felt like I needed a translator to understand what they were saying. I'm grateful I found Valerie!"


"The program I sold with the support of your documents was a huge success – over $22k in total sales and $15k+ in cash! I’m already gearing up for the next round and the waitlist is bursting. Your templates couldn’t have been easier to use and navigate! It took all the guesswork and stress out of that part of selling, and really gave me the peace of mind I needed to let myself go BIG during my launch – because I felt so protected! And it really, really paid off 💰🤑"

Erin Mathis ,Virtual Style

“I found Valerie at just the right time, and her group coaching agreement template was exactly what I needed as I launched my first group Style Coaching Program. I was able to easily customize and have since used it successfully for numerous groups so far. Valerie is a great legal resource with highly valuable tools for coaches.”

Sarah Shapiro,
Money Coach

"I hired Valerie a few years back to handle the trademark for my online Business, Millionaire Alchemy®. Valerie did a fantastic job explaining the somewhat complex legal process to me in simple, understandable terms and she is extremely knowledgeable, accessible and expedient. She was timely and it turned out that I received my registered trademark months earlier than expected!     

Because of my exceptional experience with Valerie, I hired her again to write a Joint Venture (JV) contract for my online coaching business and , again, she was thorough, knowledgeable and made the entire process easy. There were several revisions and she was impeccable with response time in making the revisions. I must also mention that her fees are very reasonable.
Valerie is a brilliant and personable lawyer who is a delight to work with. I recommend her without reservation to anyone. I am thrilled that I found Valerie!"


Want to offer these materials to other people for their courses? Don't click the red button! Email valerie for licensing details.

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