You know it when your ideal client describes their challenge: 

You can help! *AND* you are booked out with all the one-on-one clients you can handle
(whether it's 1 or 20)

It's time for a bite-sized offer with over-sized impact on your biz!

Start Your Group Coaching Program *Today* with
One Done-For-You Package
that Gives You the
Coaching Policy and Agreement Templates
You Need for More Revenue, More Impact, and More Clients.

Hey There, Fellow Business Owner!

Here's what I know for sure about this crazy time we are in: 

People are investing in themselves to improve all areas of their lives.

Screen time is up.

People who have never considered coaching are taking time for themselves and doing it now.

How do I know?

My coach clients are celebrating booked-out calendars, highest revenue months ever, and tons of new interest in their work.

Oh, and even my dad is bingeing the Life Coach School podcast!

In other words, the time is now to maximize the number of clients you can serve with a group coaching program.

And like always, I am here for those who reached out to say they are ready to start now. The right way.

Let me help you speak to your clients' desire (and their budget) with a group coaching program. 

Here's the thing. Your passion is in good hands. You don't need to ignore the topic, Google and cut and paste questionable policies and agreements, or worry about leaving yourself open to an endless array of frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive legal problems!

Now is not the time to over-think your way out of success. Group programs are the bridge between scaleability  in your biz and the transformations you know are possible in the one-on-one setting.

Let me show you how to get started now, the right way, to building a sustainable biz. You can be ready later today to sign your first client!

Read on...

You asked for affordable, easy-to-implement legal strategies tailored to a new group program, and I'm delivering!

I’m Valerie Del Grosso… and in my 13+ years as a practicing attorney, I’ve worked with a LOT of business owners (after all, that’s my passion)! 

I’ve also personally hired several coaches over the past few years… and they’ve made a tremendous difference in nearly every aspect of my life. I’m a true believer in the power of coaching… and I wanted to find a way to make it easier for honest, empathetic, hard-working coaches like you to shield yourselves against frustrating, costly legal problems... from Day 1, without a big budget.

I have heard again and again from coaches that they just want to do business the right way, but they don't know what they don't know. 

I'm here today with answers, so you have the solid foundation you need to transform the lives of others - a lot of others, by way of a group coaching program. Plus you'll have the peace of mind that your legal requirements are met now, so that you don't have to wait until the day when you have a client relationship explode and you're scrambling!  

I’ve seen first-hand how devastating it can be to have a client or customer take a coach to the cleaners because they didn't have the right legal language in place. It wreaks emotional and financial havoc that derails you from your purpose
It's even worse because, if you're like most coaches I know, you get paid for your time and expertise, but you volunteer your heart and soul to get your clients results. 

So today, I’d like to introduce you to a simple solution that literally hundreds of you have asked for, and that I know you’re really going to love:
The Group Coaching Legal Kit
Proven, professional policy and agreement templates to give you peace of mind and protect your business, so you can start your group coaching program *today* on a firm foundation that protects you, and that gives your clients the Trust in Know.Like.Trust!
I’ve taken my years of experience working with coaches and other business owners like you, and poured it into this kit that covers exactly what you need for a group program, and nothing you don't.

Each of these templates is built around language that has been tried and tested – these aren’t generic forms created by interns who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. And, because they’re specifically written for coaches, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll protect you and your business!


Let's get down to (group) business! If you plan to do the following things, you'll need certain documents in place. Ask yourself if you plan to do these things in your group coaching program:
If you plan to hold your clients accountable to their dreams, then you need:

Coaching Disclaimers ($149 value).  They're included!

If you plan to charge for your services, then you'll need:
Over $2,000, a Group Coaching Client Agreement.
Under $2,000, a Group Coaching Terms of Purchase.

Yep, these are all included!

If you plan to market yourself with a sales page and order form,  you'll need:

Privacy Policy ($149 value)

Website Terms and Conditions ($97 value).

These are included, too!

If you plan to host a safe place where clients can get vulnerable, then you'll need:
Coaching Disclaimer (you guessed it, it's included).
Group Program Community Rules ( know the drill!).
If you would respond to a bank chargeback after delivering your services, you need: 
Refund policy (included!) ($49 value).

Plus, you don't have to go it alone.

Unlike other attorneys, I don’t believe in just handing you a bunch of templates and then telling you to figure out how to use them on your own. That’s why I’m including a video training so you can implement your policies quickly and effortlessly.

And if you’re still stuck for answers (or you just need to hang out with some other super-cool people), you’re getting access to the “Your Lawyer Friend” private Facebook group.

It’s a great place to get answers to any questions you have while working with and implementing your policies and agreements… not to mention a place where you can connect with like-minded coaches and biz owners, give and get motivation and support, and maybe even find a business partner or a referral!

PLUS… I’ve got a BONUS for you, too!

The treasure trove of done-for-you legal business templates and training in this time-saving bundle are well worth the “cost of admission.” But I wanted to make sure that you get more than your money’s worth – after all, you’re investing in the success of your business, and it’s my job to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

I'm including a training program to make sure your sales page is ready to sell (legally)

Let’s check it out:

Bonus #1: How to Use Social Proof and Testimonials Legally – In this recording, I'll walk you through how to leverage the power of social proof and testimonials, without unintentionally violating "truth in advertising" rules! I see tons of mistakes in this area, so don't miss this crowd-favorite training. 
So what makes this different from any of those other “legal forms bundles?”
Great question! I know that there are quite a few attorneys and legal publishers out there that sell legal forms designed for business owners… at a wide range of price points. But if you’re serious about building your business as a coach, here are just some of the reasons why Group Coaching Legal Kit is the ideal choice for you:
  • This policies and agreements bundle is designed exclusively for coaches. Virtually all of the “legal forms bundles” out there contain forms that are meant to apply to any business. And that means that the language in these forms has to be intentionally vague. The problem with that is that, as a coach, you run into issues everyday that most other business owners just don’t have to worry about. You need policies and agreements with language that specifically addresses the liabilities and other potential issues you face as a coach, and that fully protects you and your interests if there’s ever a disagreement! Legal for everyone is legal for no one. Get coaching-specific agreements because the devil is in the details. 
  • You're getting a bundle that is specific to your stage of business, at one low price. Take a look at the forms that other attorneys and legal publishers provide, and you’ll find that they’re pretty much all the same and mostly sold a la carte (most cost more for one agreement than this entire bundle!). But here’s what you won’t find – the detailed policies and agreement templates you really need to keep your business chugging along! This is the only place you'll find that offers bundle just for new coaches - everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • I’m giving you much more than just a collection of templates. You’re getting simple, easy-to-follow “best practices” training for integrating policies and agreements into your coaching business, as well as checklists and video training designed specifically for coaches like you! This training can save you countless hours of your time, while giving you the nearly bulletproof protection you need for yourself and your business!
You're getting expert guidance on how to set up your program for success, too!
But I don’t just want you to take my word for it.
Let’s take a look at what my clients say…
(These are just from the week of May 8th!)


"The program I sold with the support of your documents was a huge success – over $22k in total sales and $15k+ in cash! I’m already gearing up for the next round and the waitlist is bursting. Your templates couldn’t have been easier to use and navigate! It took all the guesswork and stress out of that part of selling, and really gave me the peace of mind I needed to let myself go BIG during my launch – because I felt so protected! And it really, really paid off 💰🤑"

Erin Mathis ,
Virtual Style Coach

“I found Valerie at just the right time, and her group coaching agreement template was exactly what I needed as I launched my first group Style Coaching Program. I was able to easily customize and have since used it successfully for numerous groups so far. Valerie is a great legal resource with highly valuable tools for coaches.”

Ready to Launch Your Group Program Today?
Right now, you have a choice to make.
  • You can "hedge," by putting off the task of getting your business policies and agreements in place… and risking legal problems that can waste your time, money, and energy (and even potentially ruin your coaching business for good) and hoping you'll have the time to get to it someday… 
  • You can use generic templates and just hope that you never need to rely on them… 
  • You can show your commitment to building a real business, right now, by taking advantage of the one bundle crafted specifically for coaching business owners… so you can confidently offer your services to your ideal client in a group coaching program!

The choice is yours…

But if you want to build a successful business that provides you with plenty of fulfillment, satisfaction, and income for decades to come… you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this limited offer today:

Get Instant Access to The Group Coaching Legal Kit

As a “Legal Kit” member, you’re getting ALL of this in one convenient, instantly accessible package:

Your Core Template Pack, including:
Sales Page Policy Templates

Coaching Disclaimer

Group Coaching Client Agreement Templates (high ticket and low ticket)

Refund Policy

Group Dynamics (rules of the road!)
Your Core Training Pack, including:
  • Video Training: How to Implement Your Policies and Agreements 
  • How to Use Testimonials Legally!

Access to “Your Lawyer Friend” Private Facebook Group

That’s well over $1000 of templates, training, and resources (if you could even find it anywhere else). But because coaches have made such a HUGE impact in my life, I want to “give back”… so I’m not even going to charge a fraction of that amount!

In fact, when you complete your order today, you’re getting the entire bundle for just…


One-time investment

Need to keep your costs in check? Don’t worry…I’ve got you covered!
Recently I surveyed my list of 13,000 coaches and consultants for feedback about the programs that matter to you. You told me you want affordable, tailored protection that you can trust.

I’ve put together a payment plan so you can get the peace of mind of protecting your business… while keeping your costs in check:
Get instant access for just $397 $99.25 today, then pay the balance over the next 3 months! (4 total payments)
My personal pledge to you…
I believe that, as a coach and a business owner, you are in a unique position to create MASSIVE, positive change, not only in the lives of the people you work with, but in the lives of every person in your clients’ lives. And that’s a pretty big deal!

As an attorney, it’s my job to help you protect yourself and your business, so that you can keep helping others for years to come. So I pledge to you that I’ll only equip you with the very best legal templates, tools, and resources to take all the guesswork out of shielding yourself against legal disaster. And I’ll be available to answer questions in the “Your Lawyer Friend” private Facebook group so that you never have to worry about figuring things out on your own.

Oh, and once you’ve had a chance to dive into the training and implement the policies and agreements into your business, shoot me a message over in the private Facebook group. I’d LOVE to hear how this saved you time, helped you grow your coaching business, and gave you peace of mind!

Valerie Del Grosso

P.S.: I know the world is *crazy* right now. I have spoken to so many who put their coaching business second to the "safe" option, their day job. More than five years ago, I took the reigns of my career - it was scary - but now I know I'm "ok" no matter what happens. I want that for you, too! Give your coaching business the solid foundation it - and you - deserves. 

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